What is Return on Investment


A profitability measure that evaluates the performance of a business by dividing net profit by net worth.  When it comes to joining a networking group we look at return on investment as it relates to the activities our group members participate in and the success of the referral business that our members create for each other.

What is the ROI Networking Group All About

The ROI Networking Group was born out of the need for a different type of networking experience.  If you canvass any professional, they will tell you that being connected with great professionals that are excellent at what they do is critical to building long term client relationships.  The goal of any professional is to position themselves as a valuable asset to their clients.  To be viewed as a trusted advisor and connector is a true sign of client trust.

These same professionals will also tell you that meeting weekly for several hours, commuting through traffic, only to engage in lackluster conversation over a stale cup of coffee can often be more detrimental than helpful.  As a professional if you are determined to build a robust referral network with professionals that are elite and excellent at what they do, then you need to be in an atmosphere that both acknowledges and thrives on this approach.  And so was created the ROI Networking Group, where a focus on a return of our investment is just the beginning.

What Does it Take to Join the Team

What Professionals Would Benefit from Joining ROI?

  • Professionals that provide personal or commercial professional solutions to high net worth clientele that have a need for boutique products and services;
  • Small business owners that have a desire to enhance their employee benefit programs through institutional cornerstone benefits and / or voluntary benefits.

Monthly Meeting Schedule

  • 10 Monthly Meetings Annually
  • Third Thursday Monthly 7:30 am – 9:30 am
  • ROI will host summer happy hours in July & August, but will not meet formally during those months due to vacation schedules

Annual ROI Holiday Social Events & Charitable Causes

  • At the end of each year we will all get together as a group to celebrate our group successes over a nice dinner or social event where significant others will be invited to attend.
  • Semi-Annually we will pick a cause to support as a group and either attend an event, participate in an activity, or donate to the charitable cause.

Attendance Policy

  • We encourage you to make ROI an important aspect of your business and would like your goal to be 100% attendance at the ROI meetings through the year
  • If you are personally unable to attend a meeting, we would love for you to send a substitute to represent your business.  This will help keep meetings lively and give substitute guests additional exposure to how awesome ROI is! 
  • When sending a substitute do your best to send someone either from your company or from a profession not already represented in the group. 

Where Do Group Meetings Take Place

  • All meetings will take place in an office environment or someplace in the community that we are looking to showcase.  We do not meet in a restaurant and force you to buy a meal that you may or may not want to eat.  

Annual Membership Dues Policy

  • ROI group members will pay annual membership dues
  • All dues will be utilized to fund the following activities.
    • Breakfast for Monthly Meetings (10 meetings)
    • ROI Networking Group Happy Hours (2-4 annually)
    • Semi-Annual Charitable Giving
    • Website maintenance and help with other group administrative costs

Group Growth Philosophy is Quality Over Quantity

  • We can be a small but fierce elite special operations team or a large powerful group, but to be honest it doesn’t really matter what size group we are it is important that we have the right people and right industries represented in the group.  
  • We believe our target group size is somewhere between 20-30 elite professionals.  This will provide a diverse and robust enough group of professionals that we feel our client sphere will benefit the most from.

Time Value of Money Approach

  • Our group operates with the mentality that time is money.  
  • For instance let's say you are a professional that earns $250,000 a year.  On average you work 50 hours a week.  Over the course of the year you will work 2,600 hours.  So your hourly rate is $96.15.  So, in our mind we want to make sure that the time you spend commuting and attending ROI events is valuable because time is money and that is the real investment you are making in yourself and the group.
Achieving 7x ROI

7x ROI something is successful once it has returned 7 times the investment; hence, 7 times ROI.  There are many ways to establish whether or not an activity, a marketing campaign, a networking group for that matter is profitable.  The opportunity for most professionals is that they never establish or define what equates to a good return on their investment.


Now please do not think that success is only defined or limited by a 7x ROI, it just happens to be the baseline approach our group members take when committing to a new marketing idea, event, or even as much as determining whether or not remaining in our networking group is a profitable business development strategy for their business.