The ROI Networking Group was born out of the need for a different type of networking group.  If you canvass any professional, they will tell you that being connected with great professionals that are excellent at what they do is critical to building long term client relationships.  The goal of any professional is to position themselves as a valuable asset to their clients.  To be viewed as a trusted advisor and connector is a true sign of client trust.

These same professionals will also tell you that meeting weekly for several hours, commuting through traffic, only to engage in lackluster conversation over a stale cup of coffee can often be more detrimental than helpful.  As a professional if you are determined to build a robust referral network with professionals that are elite and excellent at what they do, then you need to be in an atmosphere that both acknowledges and thrives on this approach.

And so was created the ROI Networking Group, where a focus on a return of our investment is just the beginning.


Return on Investment, which is a profitability measure that evaluates the performance of a business by dividing net profit by net worth. When it comes to joining a networking group we look at return on investment as it relates to the activities our group members participate in and the success of the referral business that our members create for each other.


The ROI Networking Group is committed to providing group members a strong return of investment for their time and commitment.  Our group CORE VALUE are focused on PROFIT:

Philanthropic: Getting involved and giving back to the communities we do business in is an important platform to contribute philanthropically;

Results Focused: Helping grow each other’s businesses through strong qualified referrals elevates our collective results;

Operational Excellence: Building capabilities through shared best practices, business development strategies, and entrepreneurial ideas will help our group members improve operationally;

Fun: Enjoying what you do and the team of professionals supporting you should always be fun;

Investment: Focusing on constant improvement in our business results and operational excellence provides a great platform to invest in ourselves for our clients’ gain;

Tracking: In the world of big data and analytics it is important to understand that the time we spend doing anything is quantifiable and therefore should be tracked.


Our group members are experienced, highly rated, and recognized in their respective industries as top professionals. ROI group members are small business owners, top sales producers, account executives, and sales team leaders.

If you are a key employee or business owner that provides personal or commercial solutions to high net worth clientele that have a need for boutique products and services, than ROI Networking Group could be a great fit.


7x ROI something is successful once it has returned 7 times the investment; hence, 7 times ROI.


Monthly Meeting Schedule

10 Monthly Meetings Annually
Third Thursday Monthly 7:30 am – 9:30 am for Business Meetings & 4:00 – 8:00 pm for social events
ROI will host summer happy hours in July & August, but will not meet formally during those months due to
vacation schedules

Rotating Meeting Speakers
Different ROI team members will present on a monthly basis so other group members can learn more about
their business model, target referral market, and key products.

ROI Growth Model
ROI thrives on the right talent and business culture fit. The group and its members have always believed in
smart growth. To that affect, we also want to make sure that other phenomenal professionals are aware that
ROI exists.